After an active and hectic day at work, a warm and soothing bath is a great way to ease your stress and tensed muscles. But how can you have that momentary peace and solitude if your bathroom needs remodelling? Don’t jump out off the boat and into the ship yet. You need to keep in mind a few things before you call a bathroom renovations Melbourne company.


One of the most common problems encountered by a lot of homeowners is a clogged pipe because plumbing systems are often disregarded. If a bathroom is often flooded, the question must be in the pipes. There are just too much gunk and hairs that go down the drain. If your tubes are too small, it would likely be clogged.

Another essential plumbing strategy is the placement of your water supply lines. If your area drops below freezing point during the winter, make sure that your lines are not located in an external wall. It will likely freeze during the cold season and result in more problems. When you say quality bathroom renovations, it does not only value the aesthetics but the core function of the bath.


A lot might overlook this issue, but adequate storage is more critical than a pedestal vanity; bathroom renovations Melbourne experts can attest to that. Other than the shower and loo, you need a place to store your beauty products, cleaning solutions, and bathroom amenities. You might really covet that elegant pedestal vanity you saw on the web but then consider your bathroom space first. If your bathroom falls under the small scale category, find a wall-mounted or floating vanity that is stuck directly to the bathroom wall. This saves a lot of space and more storage.

Also, it is better to use drawers instead of doors for your storage. Drawers are a lot easier to organise and has a lot of storage space than that of door-styles.

Slip-Proof Floors

Bathrooms are a place to relax without the worry of slipping and getting hurt. Bathroom floors are consistently moist and slippery, causing a lot of risk for elders and young children. This situation can be prevented with slip-proof tiles. Beautiful and glimmering tiles can be a lovely addition to your bathroom, but safety always comes first above all. You can ask bathroom renovators for recommendations on the best non-slip tiles or you can do your research.


No one wants that filthy smell caused by moulds in our bathrooms. What’s the best solution for preventing these smelly fungi? Proper ventilation. Just like the abovementioned tips, a proper ocular inspection of the whole bathroom space is essential. The area will decide the size of your ventilation system as well the best spot to install it. Then, you need to find the best vent fan that correctly pulls moisture-carrying air outside of the room and outside the house. Even if you are in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, you can have the best renovators for your home. Bathroom renovations Kew agencies are just what you need.

To make sure that you receive quality service, choose a bathroom renovations Melbourne company that you can trust. MW Homes Renovations Expert is a trustworthy home renovations company you can entrust your place of living. Whether big or small bathroom size, they always consider the maximum quality that adheres to budget, satisfying designs, ergonomics, spatial practicality, and efficiency. To know more about the company, visit them at

Bathroom Renovations: What to Consider Before Remodelling

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