Trees, having firm bodies and a dominating appearance, always seem to be in control. A lot of us think that caring for trees isn’t an issue since they’re one of nature’s creations that you can leave for hundreds of years and still survive. However, this is not true at all. Caring for your trees is a must, especially if you own a garden or a landscape. Be sure to learn more on commercial garden maintenance Perth tips and tricks for taking care of your trees.

Get to know your trees

First of all, you must know your tree’s type. Why? Different trees react to treatments given to them in so many ways. So, your first to-do list is to find out trees needs in terms of treatment. Apart from that, there are general tips of tree care that you need to know to keep your trees healthy. This includes learning more about industrial tree lopping.


When it comes to commercial garden maintenance Perth has these days, there are certain types of fertilizers that trees like. Potash fertilizer is one, along with phosphorous. So, how exactly does one fertilize these gentle giants? When you buy fertilizers, its package will indicate instructions on how you can dilute and how to spread the solution out.

The best advice here is to simply spread out the fertilizer around your tree’s base and broadenings just past the reach of your tree’s longest branches. This makes sure all roots have a dose of the fertilizer as it saturates around the ground.

The next thing to know is when you should fertilize, be happy! This is not a monthly chore. You are not required to fertilize every year.

Finally, if it’s possible, stick to organic fertilizers. If you have compost in your garden, the dark residues at the base of the pile can be used as fertilizers. You may spread then in the area mentioned, and they’ll end up fertilizing your trees just the same. The added advantage here is that you are not bringing imbalanced quantities of nutrients to your soil.


A lot of trees need to be trimmed so that they can stay healthy. For example, strata tree trimming can be very complicated, since it’s both an art and a science. If you have to trim a few dead or live branches, you should not cut them too close to your tree. Near the tree trunk, you may find a collar that connected to the branches, in which they glow, you mustn’t cut from the collar.

If you find tree trimming difficult, you can always hire a property manager tree trimming expert to make them beautiful.


Regular watering keeps your tree’s cycles consistent. The buds of your trees should sprout out on schedule, and the leaves should also fall at the correct time. When watering your trees, ensure that it’s deep, in the sense that the water soaks into the ground to a depth of some inches.

Taking care of trees is not that complex. It’s actually easy and fun to do. Also, it is not that time consuming because you only have to redo some maintenance after some time.

Following these simple tips or hiring a commercial garden maintenance Perth experts you will rest assured knowing that you have healthy trees around your home.

Caring for trees-Maintenance Tricks and Tips

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