If you have missing teeth and want to return your smile to the way it was before, one of the options you have is the all-on-4 procedure. This procedure is unlike traditional dental implants and, as the name implies, is a process that gives you back your confidence by giving you back your smile with the help of 4 implants. If you live in Brisbane and want to have this procedure done, you will need to find an all on 4 Brisbane dental clinic to help you.

Not all dental professionals in Brisbane offer such a procedure to their patients. It is a specialised procedure that needs a specialist prosthodontist to do it. If you go to a Brisbane dentist who does not have this specialisation, they might simply turn you down or recommend another procedure that is not as effective as this one at recreating your original smile.

What is the all-on-4 dental procedure all about?  

Also called a full arch implant, this is considered a better alternative to individual tooth implants and dentures. This procedure offers the person a set of teeth that looks and feels like the original, without it being removable like dentures or take too long to finish getting done like individual implants. This procedure is not for everyone though, so consulting with an all on 4 Brisbane specialist is a must to find out if this is your solution to badly damaged teeth.

The procedure will begin with a consultation and assessment as to whether you are a suitable candidate for full arch implants. Considerations include the condition your teeth are in, if you have enough bone for the implant to work, and your overall health. Those with diabetes and those who are smokers may not be immediately eligible for this dental procedure.

This process will involve the placement of titanium implants into the jawbone. These will serve as the anchors for the full set of teeth that you will get with this procedure. Once this initial stage is done, the placement of a set of initial teeth is done. These are temporary and will be replaced by the final teeth in the third stage of the process.

The reason why there is a set of initial teeth and final teeth for this all on 4 Brisbane process is because of the need for the gums to heal over time. This usually takes a year and adjustments need to be made as the patient’s gums and bone heal. Also, the permanent teeth in this procedure take a long time to produce, which can leave a patient without teeth for at least a few weeks.

What does an all-on-4 procedure cost?

The cost of your procedure is dependent on the dentist you visit. Brisbane dentist prices can vary from one specialist to another. The price of a full arch implant can range from $19K to $30K. You will need to find the dentist who can give you the best price for this procedure while at the same time guaranteeing results that you will be happy with.

When the services for fixing teeth cost this much, you should shop around for the best price. You should also look for a dental professional that does not have any hidden costs in their procedure which can raise the amount you need to pay without you knowing it.

Fix Dental is one dental clinic that does not believe in hidden costs and skyrocketing prices, with their fixed price policy for all dental procedures. They even have an interest free payment plan that lets you pay for your procedure in easy weekly instalments. Check out how you can get back your smile with the help of Fix Dental by visiting their site or contacting them for a consultation.

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Is the all-on-4 dental procedure what you need?