Finding a place to stay in is one of the factors to consider when going to university. This most especially applies to foreign exchange students. Whether you are an Aussie or international planning to study in Australia, there are several student accommodation Woolloongabba options you can check out.

Variety of Student Accommodations Available

One of the common types of student accommodation in Australia is an on-campus accommodation. Some Australian universities provide boarding facilities for their students either through apartments, residential colleges or university halls. Because it is owned by the universities themselves, you can be assured that the accommodation will have decent cleanliness and safety measures. A huge perk of living in on-campus accommodation is that you can have easy access to the library and other support services. Rates are usually all-inclusive and vary according to the university.

For foreigners wanting to immerse themselves more into the Australian culture, homestay accommodation is a great option. This allows you to stay with a local family which can make you feel like you’re just at your own home. This kind of student accommodation Woolloongabba offers can be a bit intimidating since basically, you’ll be staying with people you don’t know. However, there are homestay companies that can help find an ideal host family for you. Although it is considered affordable, utility bills are paid on top of the rental costs. Prices generally include meals, assistance and other services.

You can also save expenses when you opt to share a stay with a friend. Some students take up residency in a shared house. A typical arrangement includes each individual having their own bedroom with shared access to the bathroom, kitchen and living room. It doesn’t provide student accommodation services so dividing the responsibilities among the group should be clear from the start of your agreement. Here, you can split up with your flatmates the monthly rent payments, utility bills and other necessities.

Private student accommodation off-campus is an option for students who have an extra budget available. It can be either in a house, apartment or building wherein you can rent your own room. The living arrangement costs depend on the features of the property and its location. Usually, private residences for students have benefits such as more enhanced security, Wi-Fi access, and different kinds of appliances you can use. Needless to say, in private rental lodging, you get what you pay for.

Recommended Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Don’t miss out on the cool, comfortable and safe student accommodation Woolloongabba offers at Student One. They have three properties accessible to all forms of public transport and universities in the heart of Brisbane. All rooms are equipped with en suite bathroom and kitchen essentials. The complimentary Wi-Fi access and vast study areas will surely help the students in their studies.

Because students should also have time off from their busy schedules, Student One offers a variety of onsite features that their residents can enjoy. Facilities like pool, gym and game room are free to use. They also arrange social events from time to time. No matter what you need, you can ask help from their staff available 24/7. Learn more about them by visiting

Student Accommodations in Australia: Which One Should I Choose?

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