Alfresco dining and entertainment are a major part of Australian living, and one way of creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience is by installing Ziptrak outdoor blinds. Designed and created by a South Australian company, these blinds are a popular choice for many business owners and homeowners. However, do you know why they are so popular?

The numerous benefits

Zip Track blinds are perfect for people who don’t want gaps but also want a product that is easy to operate. In the beginning, the blinds used a mix of parts already in the market, but modern systems feature an improved design and parts, especially in custom made plastic components and brackets.

The blinds are predominantly used outside to enclose a patio or a deck and operate like a roll-up garage that rolls up and down. However, there are also Ziptrak indoor blinds that are super easy to control due to their spring loading mechanism.

Some of the major benefits of installing Ziptrak blinds include:

  • You can leave the blind to any position and it will stay at that height without dropping or lifting.
  • The design of the blinds makes it easy to operate. They are lightweight, thanks to the spring-balanced system used.
  • Ziptrak outdoor blinds are available with a width of up to 6 metres and can be as tall as 3.5 metres. In case your opening is large, the cost of covering it with Ziptrak blinds is much more cost-effective than other means.
  • The system in the blinds features a patented design that prevents them from rattling in the wind.
  • They offer excellent sound insulation as well as complete privacy, making them ideal for use around patients or aged parents at home.
  • It is easy to lock a blind once it is down with the included locking mechanism.
  • Ziptrak blinds are available in mechanical, machine-operated, and manual modes for convenient operation.
  • The spring-loaded design means you do not have to struggle with ropes, zips, or cords.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They allow outdoor entertainment throughout the year.
  • There are numerous colour options available to help you find the perfect one that completes the overall look of your premises.

Add extra space to your outdoors

Ziptrak blinds make it easy for you to increase the space so you can accommodate guests even better. Not only do they help cover up an area, but the blinds also help improve your indoor’s appearance. Take a look at Crystal Image Blinds

Installing Ziptrak outdoor blinds helps keep debris and dirt from outside at bay. The roofed structure outdoors instantly becomes a natural room where you can relax in your bathing suit while enjoying the outside view.


If you are looking to buy Ziptrak blinds for their sun and weather protection qualities, call Crystal Image Blinds on 03 9761 6714 or check out their website. A great advantage of dealing with these professionals is that they will not push you into buying a system that does not work. Instead, a sales expert will advise you on the best Ziptrak blind system based on your requirements and offer you pocket-friendly direct wholesale prices.

Why Are Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Popular? Here’s Why

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